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Business Assessment & Evaluation 

A clear and unbiased picture of your business is essential. Compass can help you determine strategies to grow, turn around, or exit.


  • Analyze financial performance and ratios.

  • Provide business-specific value, industry, and competitive analyses. Generate fact-based financial projections.

  • Facilitate strategic planning to determine goals/objectives and     strategies to reach them with timelines and budgets. 

Business Transitions

Every business is somewhere in its life cycle: start up, growth, steady state, or decline/exit. Compass professionals can help you clearly identify that position and develop strategies to reach your goals.


Eventually, every business owner needs to have a defined exit strategy and an action plan to execute it. Compass can help you develop this strategy, and guide you and your management team in its execution. Sometimes a business may not be in a suitable position to exit.


Compass can help you achieve a better position to exit. Some businesses have a ll-defined succession plan, but many times it’s not clear, or the need comes up unexpectedly.  This can be extremely challenging for the family or the natural successor to manage the business.


Compass can help you develop a business continuity plan that will allow your business to function during a transition.

Business Brokering

When you’re ready to sell, Compass will: 

  • Market and promote the business appropriately throughout the Compass network, industry space, etc.

  • Prepare, or facilitate preparation, of all documents, NDA, teasers, financial summary, MOU, LOI, sale agreement, etc.

  • Identify and vet prospects and effectively negotiate price and deal structure.

  • Provide appropriate owner coaching.

  • Facilitate closing the deal.


If you're looking to buy, Compass will:

  • Help you analyze what type and size of business suits you best.

  • Monitor businesses for sale and present    potential candidates.

  • Assist with the entire process from negotiation and offer preparation to closing the purchase.

Fractional Executive Services or Project Management

At times, businesses find themselves handicapped by the sudden departure of a key high-level person/C-level executive.


To help prevent a decline in company performance, Compass can provide fractional, temporary, or part-time services.


  • One of our executives can step into the role or we can find a suitable  substitute to cover key activities.

  • Typically, these substitutions are    contracted for 12 to 20 hours per week for up to 3 months.

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